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The African Queen Studio is a small, very creative business, based in McGregor, a rural village in the Western Cape of South Africa.The African Queen Studio specializes in creating unique high-end quality handmade products, in particular chandeliers, using natural materials, and embellished with beads, crystals and other interesting pieces.

At present the team of the African Queen Studio is inspired by dried jacaranda seedpods, collected in our rural area. The fascinating shapes of the individual seedpods have led to the creation of our exquisite seedpod chandeliers, which have received international acclaim and are now being exported far beyond our South African borders.


About Lorraine Piers:

The African Queen studio was established in 2000, after I, Lorraine Piers had returned to South Africafrom Germany, where I had lived, studied and worked for twenty years.I returned to my home country wanting to make a difference in our new South African democracy.

My mission was to create an employment environment where I could use my creative talents, and work together with women from our local previously disadvantaged community.

Employment is seasonal in our valley of fruit- and vineyards, and unemployment rife.

As a single mother, self-employment was the best option. Based in the rural village of Mc Gregor, in the Western Cape of South Africa, our enterprise employs ladies from the local community. Our endeaver, as creative women, is to work together as a team encouraging inspiration and self-confidence We started in one room, producing exquisite handpainted kaftans, our core-business, using our rich heritage and nature for inspiration for our painting designs, and soon we were supplying retailers nationwide. Our team grew, our premises were expanded, and soon we were exporting our kaftans internationally.

For completing large orders, more local ladies become involved in the process. This is active job creation.

Our excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service has stood us in good stead over the years.

Whilst our kaftan range continues to flourish, our recent diversification into ECO-FRIENDLY interior decor, implementing our locally available resources, has grown exponentially. We enjoy designing pieces made from natural products, and are expanding our range of inspirational ECO-DECOR items into the discerning international market, where they are already being well received!