Bean Bags – A History

Bean Bags – a History

Author: Pattrick Jhonson

You have used them, or are planning to use them. You’ve seen them used extensively in libraries and book shops an even lounges. You have read a hundred articles which sing praises about the benefits which a beanbag can provide you. Now its time that you learnt about the history of these bags – where the concept came about and how the first beanbag was made.

There is a debate according to the first proponents of the bag. According to the first school of thought, the credit of the development of the first beanbag is given to Roger Dean. Dean worked with a furniture company named Hille. Dean created a prototype named Sea Urchin in early 1967. The Urchin consisted of around twelve sections which glued together and covered with soft fur.

The second school of thought takes us back to early 1969 when it is claimed that the first beanbag came about. Created for furniture firm Zanotta by Italian designers Paolini, Teodora and Gatti, beanbags became famous almost overnight, due to their design. Rumors have it that the bean bags were invented by accident when in a Styrofoam factory left over Styrofoam was put In a bag to be disposed off later. Be that as it may, the new beanbags were named Soccos and wee simple pear shaped leather bags filled with Styrofoam pellets.

It is felt that though the Urchin created by Robert Dean helped develop the idea and paved the path for the production of the beanbags; it was nothing more than a modified ‘Futon’.

The socco beanbags went into mass production after a few failed attempts and the design became the basic model for all future bean bags. The fad of the beanbags soon caught up since these were the first bags to move with the sitter and provide a more comfortable seating arrangement.

Beanbags have since then come a long way. A lot of research on consumer preferences has converted the bag from a plain pseudo couch to one of the most popular couches in the world. Beanbags initially were filled with soft thermocol pellets which moved with the sitter to fit according to his curves. These days in beanbags like fufsacs or foofsacs, thermocol pellets have been replaced with shredded polyurethane foam. The foam is the same which is used in conventional sofas, and its shredded feature gives the bag the same versatility in shape. Moreover, just have a look at lovesacs – another variety of beanbags. The bags are meant for two, instead of one person, and are a hot favorite among couples. The radical colors and different sizes in which the bags are available today make it sure that a beanbag is available for every need which the customer might have. The bags come in washable varieties which help the bag retain its newness.

From its inception the bags have come a long way in the market. Manufacturers have been able to gauge the customer needs and make the bag suitable for number of purposes. From resting ones elbows to sleeping in a bean bed, customers have beanbags at their disposal for all their needs.

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About the AuthorA lot of research on consumer preferences has converted the bean bags from a plain pseudo couch to one of the most popular couches in the world.