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Manufacturer of luxury memory foam beanbags and other related products.
With scandelous good looks and guiltless luxury, Comfysak goes BEYOND just a beanbag! 

SOMETHING’S missing…in your home

Every room in a home needs that touch of “Fun, Flair or bit of Magic” that lives inside each of us…you know what I’m talking about, that innate desire to dothings differently or spontaneously; be it wearing an outrageously bright colour to break grey corporate wear, adding cinnamon to ones’ latte or just deciding to use the blue pen today. We all want to splash a bit of red and lime on the grey canvas so to speak.

SO why cant our homes and offices also have the same ‘touch of personal flair’, while being sophisticated, stylish and fun?

SCANDALOUS GOOD LOOKS…we throw in luxurious comfort extra!

Available in many colours and types of material outers: Suede, Corduroy, Flokati Fur etc

Comfysak goes BEYOND just a beanbag!

Huge, brightly coloured, suave and luxuriously comfortable, the Comfysak lights up any room with flavour, sophistication and a splash of fun!

Filled with 100% special Vitafoam, the Comfysak offers one of the most comfortable sitting(or sprawling) experiences possible; while its versatile and attractive disk-shape provides the flexibility to meet your every supportive need.

Comfysak is HUGE…1m to 1.8meters in diameter

Get a Comfysak for that room corner needing some spice and childhood fun. People can’t but smile when seeing a Comfysak; and owners smile daily knowing its cloud nine embrace awaits them as soon as they get home 🙂

We also manufacture numerous other foam based products.