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 In the beginning Mawu, with her husband Lisa, created the universe. The

 first sound made by the universe was music. Mawu-Lisa delighted in the

sound and gleefully danced across the earth forming the mountains and

valleys, springs and volcanoes, forests, deserts, rivers, oceans and caves.

One day Mawu-Lisa’s three children went to play on earth and out of its

soil and water they formed animals, and man and woman to inhabit the

earth. Man and woman enjoyed life on earth and found shelter within the

forests and caves, drank from the rivers and were fed by the animals

Mawu-Lisa’s children created.


Gu, the youngest of the three children, was often concerned about man

and woman’s wellbeing on earth and would assist with mending cracks in

earth and leaks in the ocean that time would wear upon them. As Gu aged

and could no longer tend to man and woman as he used to, he decided to

create Casa Nyumba so that man and woman would always be cared for

and be able to create homes that would allow them to live prosperously