Leather Couches on Sale at Riverwalk !!!

Posted : 10 January 2019



There’s a sale on these elegant leather sofas and other beautiful furniture happening right now at  Riverwalk Furniture Store in Pretoria East!

Please get in touch directly with Riverwalk Furniture Store to enquire more about these items.  (Click here for Riverwalk contact details)



What’s new at Begin With The End In Mind

Posted:  9 January 2019

Check out this stunning range called “The Mind Range” from   Begin With The End In Mind   furniture store! All the pieces in this range is solid mango wood with steel legs AND all the wood is ethically sourced so you can have a stylish home while helping protect the environment!

Please get in touch directly with Begin With The End In Mind furniture store to enquire more about these items.   (Click here to for Begin With The End In Mind contact details). 

What’s New At JVB Furniture Collection?

Posted:  8 January 2019


It’s a brand new year and we are on the hunt for cool new furniture from around South Africa!

Today’s featured furniture store is    JVB Furniture Collection    and they have a fantastic collection of new arrivals in their store! Just check it out!


Please get in touch directly with Begin With The End In Mind furniture store to enquire more about these items.

( Click here for JVB Furniture Collection contact details )


Featured couches

Posted:  17 May 2018


We have hand picked a selection of gorgeous couches from furniture stores around South Africa for your browsing pleasure!

If you need more info on these beauties, please get in touch with the furniture store that is selling them by clicking on the store’s name just below each pic!


Coffee Tables :: our favourite picks!

Posted:  15 May 2018



What’s your style?  Modern and clean?  Rustic and charming ?  Industrial or chic?  Woodsy and warm?  Or a totally quirky and unique?

Find the perfect coffee table that suits your taste and budget!  No matter what your taste or budget is, we’ve got it all!

Here are a few of our favourite coffee tables sold in furniture stores around South Africa!




Deep Buttoned Couches | Chesterfield Sofas

Posted:  30 April 2018


We have hunted down a selection of beautiful chesterfield sofas from a number of different furniture shops around South Africa for you!

Whether it is a classic brown leather chesterfield or  a modern white deep buttoned couch, we will show you where to get it!


 Click here to view more in Couches Category  

Kids Furniture

Posted:   6 April 2018




Why settle for boring walls and furniture when you can have an amazing hello kitty couch, a butterfly bed and alice in wonderland inspired wall paper!?


Every boy (and girl) dreams of owing a car bed – what an amazing birthday gifts these would make!

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