Outdoor living with Bloc Outdoor

Posted:  15 Feb 2019


Summer is almost over so let’s plan for warmer outdoor spaces for the chilly months ahead!

Bloc Outdoor furniture store has a gorgeous range of outdoor / patio / garden furniture that will transform your garden / patio instantly!


Please get in touch directly with Bloc Outdoor furniture store to enquire more about these items. ( Click here for Bloc Outdoor contact details )

Lounge Style from Velvet

Posted : 12 Feb 2019


Get this luxurious look from Velvet furniture store.

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Dine in Style with Blockhouse

Posted:  8 Feb 2019

Have you seen this gorgeous range of dinning tables from Blockhouse furniture store?

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Sleep Well… by Z-Creations

Posted:  6 Feb 2019

A good night’s sleep ensures a successful tomorrow!

Check out the stunning Katekani bedroom furniture range from Z-Creations furniture store – near Crown Mines, Johannesburg.


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Eco Decor from The African Queen

Posted: 5 Feb 2019

The African Queen‘s unique products are completely handmade and original. Have a look at these gorgeous light fittings made from Jakaranda seed pods! Gorgeous, unique AND ECO FRIENDLY!


Please get in touch with The African Queen studio to enquire about these decor pieces.  Click here for The African Queen contact details )


Exotic Furniture from Pilgrimage Spaces

Posted: 28 January 2019

Vibrant, unique and exotic furniture pieces from Pilgrimage Spaces will have you drooling over each and every one of these beauties!

They deliver all over South Africa!

Please get in touch with Pilgrimage Spaces furniture store to enquire more info on these pieces.

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Mokki Bunk Beds

Posted: 24 Jan 2019

Bunk beds for your kids room! Check out this stunning range of bunk beds and pull out beds from Mokki Furniture Store.

The Mokki selection is designed to enhance your children’s creativity and imagination while at the same time fostering a relaxing environment for homework and  entertaining friends. And the furniture is designed for different age groupings generally from 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and13+ for girls and boys!


Please get in touch directly with Mokki furniture store to enquire about these items. (  Click here for Mokki contact details )

Eco Friendly Wood Furniture from Eco Furniture Design

Posted: 15 January 2019

Today’s featured store is Eco Furniture Design – a Cape Town based and proudly South African furniture company.

They use only sustainable and local solid wood timbers in production, as well as eco-friendly finishes to arrive at a finished product that is truly environmentally justifiable. They also do custom furniture to according to your personal style and budget!

Please get in touch directly with Eco Furniture Design to get more info on these furniture pieces.

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New Collection at Roche Bobois

Posted: 14 Jan 2019

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous new collection at Roche Bobois

We just love these Japanese inspired modular couches!

Please get in touch directly with Roche Bobois furniture store to enquire more about these furniture pieces.

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An uninhibited and audacious designer, Kenzo Takada, “the most Parisian of Japanese designer”, has created a unique and exceptional collection of fabrics and ceramics for Roche Bobois. To ‘dress’ the Mah Jong modular sofa, Takada took inspiration from ancient kimonos used in the Noh Theatre, re-interpreting their patterns and colours to create fine and sophisticated harmonies symbolising the 3 times of the day: Asa (morning), Hiru (midday), Yoru (evening).

What’s New at Casarredo ?

Posted : 11 January 2019


These new arrivals at Casarredo just ooze Italian luxury and style!

Please get in touch with the store to get more info on price and availability of these beauties! (Click here for Casarredo contact details)