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Glowing Outdoor furniture

 There sure is some rejuvenating effect from a comfortable stay in a garden of greens and warm sunshine. But there’s nothing like the alluring mystery of the outdoors at night, especially with glowing outdoor furniture and accessories that do nothing less than turn your outdoor space into a lustrous wonderland.

 Here are 10 breathtaking illuminations and glow-in-the-dark pieces that are sure to take your garden or patio from the realm of the ordinary to the extraordinary.

 1.   LED Light Pots


Outdoor furniture design studio Rotoluxe offers you a great way of illuminating your patio while also housing your plants. These LED pots made out of transparent plastic range from 18 inches, all the way to a massive 44 inches, to hold just about any kind of plant.

 Their structural design is cleanly traditional, but the translucent properties give them a modern vibe. They can come in plain colors orin various elaborate patterns.

 2.   Pillow Patio Furniture


 VONDOM’s self-illuminating patio furniture takes after the look of pillows. This unique design combined with the soft glow emanating from each piece makes for a very relaxing atmosphere.

 As in the image, the set is comprised of chairs, an ottoman, a low coffee table and a container. You can get them in plain white, light blue, red and green. You can also enjoy the set in the day as they look just as good in sunlight.


3.   Gumball Armchair and Sofa



Italian studio Plust takes the same concept of comfort further by making “gumball” armchairs and sofas that follow the natural contours of the human body. The brightness diffuses just right for a gentle sensation to match the look and feel of the chairs and sofa.


4.   Illuminottoman

These colorful cubesfrom Hammacher that can work as tables or simple decorative pieces can add a dash of fun in your patio.  With a remote control, you can choose to have a cube radiate just one color, shift through seven of the available shades, or jump to each one instantaneously. You can also adjust the brightness with the three intensity levels.


5.   Stone Border

 For walkways and garden borders, you can use these stones that emit a bright green light. You no longer have to fear tripping on anything or stepping on your plants when you navigate through your outdoor areas in the evenings. The best thing about them is that they are solar-powered, making them “green” furniture both literally and figuratively.


6.   Via Lattea

Mario Bellini has come up with an innovative design for Meritalia. He used recycled fiber sacksreinforced withsteel mesh and filled with air and lights to create a cozy and radiant furniture set. With this, you can find yourself dozing off under a blanket of stars in the cool night air. Just keep very sharp objects away to avoid unintentional deflation.


7.   Bright Woods Collection


This collection of seats and coffee tables from GruppoAvanzini mixes the modern with the organic for a visually-striking set. Each piece is made from polished wood segmented with black resin, which lights up in various colors. The glossy finish complements the smooth rounded designs, perfect for contemporary fusion-themed patios.


8.   Lagoon Daybed


Although its name and the removable sun sail do imply daytime use, this luxurious outdoor lounger also lights up in the dark using LEDs underneath. Sit back and relax with a loved one on this model of minimalist design by German design studio Solpure.


9.   Transparent Washbasin and Counter


For those with outdoor wash areas, Mastro Fiore’s glowing counters and washbasins are absolute charmers. The handmade glass washbasins absorb light in the day so they can glow at night. They go perfectly with the classy luminescent alabaster counters powered by LEDs. You don’t have to worry about causing any electrical shocks as the counters are also water-proof.


10.   Outdoor Bar


VONDOM makes another appearance in this list with this chic bar counter for outdoor nighttime parties. It employs the same technology of that as their pillow patio furniture, encouraging guests to get together in the warm inviting glow.

Spread the light in your patio so you can experience the excitement of the nightlife without having to leave your home and the soothing sensations of an intimate moment under a beautiful night sky.


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